Banking activities have a highly likely incidence of expected, regular operational risk losses that are deducted from reported income in the year.
Fraud losses in operational process are an example. It might be appropriate to calibrate the capital charge to unexpected losses, or unexpected losses plus some cushion of imprecision. This approach assumes that the bank’s income stream for the year will be sufficient to cover expected losses and that the bank can be relied upon to regularly deduct losses.

The following definition of operational risk, is used by a large number of banks: “the risk of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events”.

Based on that reasons, Operational Risk Workshop is designed to deliver practical understanding of operational risk management frameworks and measurement methodologies in banking institutions.

Successful participants will be better prepared to implement and understand basic modeling techniques for operational risk measurement and also participants can mitigate the operational risk. One of session is group discussion, the session can solve the problems based on case study who will be give advantage for participants




  • The role of risk management to implement OJK Regulation for operational risk in banking industry.
  • Gain an understanding of the roles operational risk management for governance risk   and structure.
  • Gain an understanding of the theory and process of operational risk management and the expected results from a successful operational risk process.
  • To describe the elements of a operational risk framework and choose the elements to implement in workplace.
  • Understand how to capture and investigate operational risk events, how to anticipated fraud and the future fraud in the Banking Sector. And also how to fraud prevention and detection.
  • Focus Group Discussion to Case Study. To identify, analysis and how to mitigate operational risk events.
  • Be able to recognize how operational risk management can assist the overall business and add value










Who Should Be Attanded

 The Operational Risk Workshop is relevantto all risk-related roles in banking services, in particularOperational Risk Staff, Financial Controllers,Operations and Technology Managers, andCompliance and Legal Officers.

An operationalrisk management techniques is also becomingincreasingly important for front line staff, bothfrom a process and conduct perspective in theirdealings with clients and market counterparts.